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Hi, I'm Marian. I build products.

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Who I am:

I have always been very passionate about technology and the way it can help you significantly improve your life. From amazing hardware that perfectly blends into your life to smart software that you never knew you've always needed.

I decided I wanted to learn how to build these tools top to bottom. From designing the product's look and feel, to coding the website in AngularJS, building the mobile apps in Swift or React Native, to building a NestJS backend to support it all, or just setting up Firebase, to building a analytics plan and following the user's interactions with the app, to scale and build a product everyone wants to use.

This is what I'm doing for my own launched products, and this is what I've been successfully doing for my clients for almost 10 years.

What I do:

iOS, macOS
Objective C, Swift, React-Native

Angular, React

NestJS, ExpressJS, PostgresSQL, Firebase

Unity, Bash

What I use:

Sublime Text
Visual Studio Code


I help  start-ups and large corporations build their products. In my opinion, a good consultant is not just someone who writes code, but a product person, embodying countless hours of building and learning what users want from a product, how they use use a product, and how to keep them coming back to that product.

Here are some of the clients with whom I've done exactly that.

your home run
travel assistant
eON Europe


Separately from the consultancy work, I've delivered and am currently working on a number of projects.

The main purpose of developing these projects has been obtaining full-stack, real-life experience with the whole process of designing, building, shipping and selling a product.

Photography Work

I started doing photography as a hobby 3 years ago shooting charity events, and I've been loving it so much that it naturally became my second profession. It takes me out of the strict technical zone of precise and well-planned software engineering into a world where everything is possible. A world where mistakes are just seen as a 'different approach'. Here's some of my most beloved photographs.

Let's build the next million dollar product together.

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